Kokedama Class November 7th, 2019


Kokedama Class November 7th, 2019



*Class begins at 6:15 pm!


Kokedama, also known as Japanese string gardens or moss ball gardens are beautiful moss covered spheres with plants growing out of them! They are hung from the ceiling by strings or set in dishes of water.

These beautiful gardens are perfect for offices, apartments and homes! They are fun to make and easy to care for! Just soak the whole sphere in water once every 1 - 4 weeks (depending on the plants used).

In this fun hands-on workshop we will make our very own Kokedama! Your class fee covers supplies used to make your own Kokedama sphere! We have a wide variety of plants to choose from including succulents, fern, tropical plants, and more! We are here to continuously support you and your new string garden even after class, so if you're new to gardening we've got your back!

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  • May 9th 2019

  • 6pm-8pm *Class will begin at 6:30pm

  • Pay $10.00 registration fee now

  • $40.00 due at the end of class